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Isabel Dunewitch

Follow me to where your heart beats
Where your wilderness is hiding
Where it tells me of its longing
To be healed of its deep wounding

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The Minchiate Etruria is a unique 18th-century tarot deck from Florence, Italy, with a stand-alone symbolism. It has 41 Major Arcana instead …

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Does your life feel stuck? Or is there any area in particular that isn't going as you would like, such as your career or your love life? …

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Charm Cast Yes/No Quickie! For a quick answer to an urgent, short-term question (6 weeks max). Do you want to know if your date will go …

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As I do divination before a working anyway, why not combine the two? Besides, I've noticed that performing a reading can in itself draw out …

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For my readings I use the tarot, the Petit Lenormand & I also cast the charms, sometimes apart, sometimes combined, just as the situation requires. In my shop you can find different options, for different kinds of situations, but also for differently sized wallets!

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There are as many magic spells as there are problems. However, they are not for the lazy: you can’t expect me to wave my magic wand & all your troubles will miraculously disappear. It requires work, on your part as well as mine! Spellwork is not the same as wishing or praying: it is an action that has consequences. Besides, I don’t even have a wand.

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But don’t take my word for it… Find out what some of my clients had to say about me and the work I did for them in the testimonials section of my website.

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“Surely I will call on you again to assist me. You truly have a gift.”

– Kristi Moore, Winterthur, Switzerland

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I Thought You Might Ask Me That

At the bottom of my teacup I found some answers to questions you haven’t even asked me yet. Uncanny, no?

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